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Date: Thu Jul 25 1996 - 08:37:59 EDT

I agree, the info on Unicode is very sparse, at least technically.
If Unicode has to be marketed to users, we need more technical info on implementation (I am learning this the hard way) . May be this is not the true place, but then one should be created.


>>Reply to your message of 7/24/96 8:28 PM

>It was suggested I send the following suggestion to you:
>Another useful addition to the Web site would be pointers to some
>significant texts (in the public domain of course) in various
>languages encoded in Unicode. A bit like project Gutenburg, on a
>smaller scale, but with many different languages. UTF-8 encoded I
>I have yet to stumble on a Unicode text that goes beyond a 5-liner
>in English with a smiley in it. Not very exciting. It seems there
>is still far more written about Unicode that in Unicode.
>I know there's probably stuff in, for example, plan 9. But I don't
>have access to that at this point.
>Looking forward to the new book,
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