RE: UC data

From: Jean-Baptiste GAGELIN (
Date: Fri Jul 26 1996 - 05:06:56 EDT

Dear UNICODE-list members,

Some of us are really happy of the content of discussions, some don't.
So, what about asking us now "what can I provide to UNICODE-list", "what is my
added value", "can I help or just hear about UNICODE-list" ... ?

We can discuss about the means to achieve that, but what about

1) building a kinda "library", with one sheet that describes the content that
could be asked or sent ?
I can understand that most of us work in companies and so we can't provide
source code, but can't we help each other on non strategic issues ?

2) build a proprietary Questions/Answers list so people wondering questions
could maybe find solutions here.

JB Gagelin.

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