unicode with IRIX 5.2, SunOS 4.1.[34], Solaris and Rogue Wave

From: Dan Bikel (dbikel@bbn.com)
Date: Tue Aug 06 1996 - 14:47:02 EDT

Unicode people:
        I am writing multi-lingual natural language processing software
here in the Speech and Language Processing Dept. at BBN. Since I am using
C++, I was hoping to buy Rogue Wave's Tools.h++ (in your Unicode catalog)
to represent all strings in wide-character format, using their RWWString
        I have since bought Tools.h++, but find that their RWWString class
simply calls the C library functions to make conversions between multibyte
and wide-character strings (i.e., mbstowcs() and the like). Rogue Wave has
told me that I must have OS support for locales AND these functions. How
can I achieve my ends?


N.B.: PLEASE respond directly to me, as I am not a member of the unicode

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