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Date: Fri Aug 09 1996 - 19:48:53 EDT

At 13:56 1996-8-9 -0700, Kai-hsu Tai wrote:
>All the stamps I have says "Prathet Thai". These stamps are all
>relatively new (one of them is even the Centennial Olympic Games
>commemorative, 1996).
>Having learned Thai for only 3 weeks I can't really tell what difference
>there is between Muang and Prathet (I don't know both ... I am
>Taiwanese, not Thai). But I watch a lot of Thai television and in my
>impression I heard a lot of the expression "Prathet Thai".
>My guess is, as long as there is no coup d'eThai [:)], you are OK
>diplomatically writing "Prathet Thai". But I guess it might also be
>better to write a correct, however Anglocentric, sign with English:
>"Thailand" on it, just in case anything went wrong.
>God bless you.

Thanks. English alone would not be diplomatically correct in Quibec (:
Then I will use the sign I already have (unless I get new facts) which says:

     Thaolande (French)
     Thailand (English)
   "Prathet Thao" (in Thai script)

... if you say that 1996 stamps still say that, it was that in 1980 also and
there was a military coup d'itat in 1991.

Feichang ganxie nin.

Zai ji`n!

Alain LaBonti (Sh`n A Lan [some Chinese experts renamed me "A ning", saying it
               reflects more my personality and it is less feminine (-: ])

cc Michael Everson, CA-I18N, UNICODE, I10646


Lori Brownell says:

>I show the native name of the country of Thailand as:
>Hope this helps.
>>From: unicode@Unicode.ORG
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>>Subject: The name of Thailand
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>>I need to know how to spell Muang Thai (the name of Thailand) in Thai
>>script in UCS characters really soon. This isn't just an irrelevant query
>>-- Alain LaBonte is looking for a gif for the Thai delegate's name plate
>>for the SC2/WG2 meeting next week. I've got the glyphs.... Just need the
>>UCS characters in the right order!
>>Many thanks to you if you can help us!

The id that I use shows the following UCS characters:

01EB 0E23 0E30 0E40 0E17 0E14 0020 0E44 0E17 0E22 (Prathet Thao)

(the 3 last characters are those that Lori Brownell uses, I presume it means
"Thao" alone, and in this case what precedes is for "prathet").

I conclude that what I had induced this afternoon, that Thai might be
sufficient, was perhaps right, but with the information I have now I feel
more secure with Prathet Thai. Reasonably, unless I miss something, this is
OK althought I don't know the difference between "Prathet" and "Muang".

All my problems are solved now... It will be a premihre in an ISO Plenary I
believe: now that the scoop is no longer a scoop thanks to Michael (-; who
helped me a lot, the country name of countries will be written in two of the
three official languages of ISO plus in the official language(s) of each the
24 participating countries of the JTC1/SC2 Plenary, held in Quibec alongside
with its 2 working groups, in the next 2 weeks.

Thanks a lot to everyone of those who helped or tried their best to help, in
particular Frangois Yergeau (ALIS Technologies), Ji`n Yang (Office de la
langue frangaise du Quibec), Minh Vo (Gouvernement du Quibec), Michael
Everson (Everson Gunn Teoranta), and all the personnel of the Direction des
Communications du Secritariat du Conseil du trisor du Quibec. That said, the
Internet is a wonderful tool.

Pour les francophones : c'itait un problhme de taille (-;

Alain LaBonti

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