Re: Unicode in the mailing list

From: Eric Olson (
Date: Sun Aug 11 1996 - 20:42:01 EDT

On Sun, 11 Aug 96 12:07:27 -0700, Edward Cherlin wrote:

[...really snipped out of context]

>(Don't you wish we had Unicode
>mail? Note for the Unicode list: Perhaps we should apply to Alis Software
>in a body to be testers for their Unicode E-mail product when it gets
>Chinese and a few other languages. I'm sure we could do some serious damage
>to their preconceptions. I think I will go ask them.)

Well, I bet you'd then wish the mailinglist didn't strip the MIME
headings in our mails.

(And while we're at it, couldn't it keep the "From:" field intact?)


Eric Olson

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