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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Mon Aug 12 1996 - 08:53:00 EDT

Hi David,

1. Susan Torres of ISS knows me well. EGT localized the Mac OS into Irish
Gaelic and Welsh, and are working on Inuktitut.

2. I'm very involved in European standards (CEN) and ISO standards. You've
probably seen my postings. Check out my web pages -- lots of Apple stuff
and Standards stuff there!

You wrote:

>If you want to use Apple's Unicode support for Mac, the first product
>which uses it is CyberDog 1.1. The beta 2 version is available at
> right now, and the final 1.1 should be
>available shortly.

Unfortunately the site isn't answering right now. Will it run under 7.5.3?

>All of the character set support for internet access in CyberDog is based
>on using Unicode as an intermediary. It also has some direct Unicode
>(UTF-8 and UTF-7) support (I don't know how much made it in; I'm on a
>trip right now and haven't had a chance to test it).

This sounds really interesting. I've been waiting to find something that
can use all my Everson Mono 10646 fonts.

>David Goldsmith
>International Software Architect

Need any informed testers?


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