Re: Unicode, Cure-all or Kill-all?

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Sat Aug 10 1996 - 10:15:18 EDT

At 9:52 AM 8/10/96, Timothy Huang wrote:
>(By the way, I have a copy of
>the dictionary from China which contains 56,000+ characters.)

So do I, along with the Hanyu DaZidian and many others.

>When the Unicoder Savior will let the Chinese people have 'enough'
>characters to use?

What is this "let" stuff? Unicode doesn't "let this" and "not let that".
Unicode members take votes, ISO WGs, SCs and NBs take votes, etc.

Progress takes time. The current state of CJK ideographic writing didn't
arrive in one day; it took a few thousand years. Do you expect to
codify that in one brazen step? Come on, get real. If you are impatient
or dissatisfied with the pace of progress in extending the CJK Ideograph
repertoire in Unicode/10646, why don't you participate in the WG2/IRG?

>and when the system software companies will implement that?

Perhaps when enough people make it worthwhile. Software companies are
not academic research institutes nor philanthropic societies.

>I dare NOT to represent 1 billion Chinese people, but just myself. As a
>Chinese computer user, which you are NOT..

Ni zenme zhidao? Wo xiang ni buzhidao. Wo tiantian yong zhongwen diannao.

>I'm fed up with the current situation.

Then do something about it:, roll up your sleeves and join the IRG.
There you'll have a chance to prove whether you can contribute or
whether you can merely make small noises. If you are unfamiliar with
the TCA representatives to the IRG, I can provide you and introduction.

Glenn Adams

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