Re: Unicode, Cure-all or Kill-all?

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Sun Aug 11 1996 - 10:40:38 EDT

At 9:34 AM 8/11/96, Timothy Huang wrote:
>I think the real situation is much more complicated than what you think
>and understand...

Wrong. I do understand quite well, actually. It is not complicated at all.
You don't know what your talking about and people who do are quite
embarrassed by your irresponsible and gross hyperbole. The "books" you
refer to have writing are filled with such. I fully agree with III's
complete dismissal of your work. But that is my personal opinion and
not worth much in your own political playground. It's up to you to
convince your peers that you are capable of contributing in a worthy
manner; thus far I have seen no evidence of that. If you can't do even
that, then don't pretend (1) that you have any genuine knowledge of
the reality or needs of Chinese character encoding; or (2) that you
represent a universe greater than one individual.

Glenn Adams

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