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From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Wed Aug 14 1996 - 23:46:29 EDT

    Ken> The even worse problem is that in Taiwan even today, people are
    Ken> deliberately modifying characters to create name characters. (The
    Ken> ideographic equivalent of people spelling Lisa as Leesa, Leza, Leeza,
    Ken> Lise, etc.)

    Ken> So in the end, we will have no choice but to have a very large list
    Ken> of characters to satisfy the scholars, plus a composition method of
    Ken> Han ideographic character parts to deal with the edge cases, plus a
    Ken> residue of nonce name characters which cannot even be dealt with by
    Ken> the composition method.

Witness the recent (past 20-30 years) trend in American culture for "unusual"
personal names for children. They increasingly defy what we have come to
think of as spelling conventions in an already overcomplicated spelling
system. Yet, we deal with it. Sometimes asking, "How do you pronounce your
name?" Sometimes waiting till the person is introduced by name.

All the while, the poor lexicographers frantically trying to get it documented
and verified, just in time for things to change again. Well, I guess it gives
them something to do :-)

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