Re: Unicode & Han

Date: Thu Aug 15 1996 - 12:47:54 EDT

Ken Whistler wrote:

   The even worse problem is that in Taiwan even today, people are
   deliberately modifying characters to create name characters. (The
   ideographic equivalent of people spelling Lisa as Leesa, Leza, Leeza, Lise,

This happens in the US too, in at least one widely publicised case.

Is the symbol representing the name of the artist formerly known as
Prince in the Unicode set? (Or is he the artist formerly known as the
artist formerly known as Prince by now? I guess he is still "The
artist formally known as the artist formerly known as Prince"...)

I like it, and would like to see it in there, but I guess we can't
just add symbols for everybody just so that they can become famous
(not an issue in tafkatafka Prince's case)...

I have met someone who has (allegedly) legally changed his last name
to a number (the guy's name was "Love 22", and he was running for
President several years ago; I met him in Newport RI)...

Of course, this could lead to a whole 'nother interesting discussion,
better held elsewhere. I know RISKS has covered the issue of people
with strange names; some countries make you register your children's
names with the authorities, who won't approve of names they don't
think are suitable.

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