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Date: Thu Aug 15 1996 - 15:59:00 EDT

Then, of course, there are all those Judi's out there that insist on
drawing a heart as a dot over their "i". Perhaps we should have a Unicode
"hearted i". (And perhaps the merciless "heartless i").

I am still proposing that we need to add the symbol used for the
person "formerly known as Prince". Until we add that character I can't
use Unicode to maintain my Music database.


The developer formerly known as Tex

> Ken> The even worse problem is that in Taiwan even today, people are
> Ken> deliberately modifying characters to create name characters. (The
> Ken> ideographic equivalent of people spelling Lisa as Leesa, Leza, Leeza,
> Ken> Lise, etc.)
> Ken> So in the end, we will have no choice but to have a very large list
> Ken> of characters to satisfy the scholars, plus a composition method of
> Ken> Han ideographic character parts to deal with the edge cases, plus a
> Ken> residue of nonce name characters which cannot even be dealt with by
> Ken> the composition method.
> Witness the recent (past 20-30 years) trend in American culture for "unusual"
> personal names for children. They increasingly defy what we have come to
> think of as spelling conventions in an already overcomplicated spelling
> system. Yet, we deal with it. Sometimes asking, "How do you pronounce your
> name?" Sometimes waiting till the person is introduced by name.
> All the while, the poor lexicographers frantically trying to get it documented
> and verified, just in time for things to change again. Well, I guess it gives
> them something to do :-)
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