future allocations

From: Rick McGowan (Rick_McGowan@next.com)
Date: Thu Aug 15 1996 - 13:53:44 EDT

Ken Whistler suggested that I provide a pointer to the paper I mentioned
yesterday in relation to the following comment I made:

> You should read the allocation paper that Becker and I did a long time
> ago, which has been adopted, at least in principle, by both UTC and WG2.
> It is a rational plan with some good rules of thumb about character

The paper I meant is on the Unicode.ORG ftp site at:
The header is attached below. I don't know what number WG2 assigned to the
modification of this that they finally adopted, but maybe someone else has a
URL for it...


==== header from AllocPaper.txt ====

                                                  ISO-IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2 N884
                                                X3L2/93-017 (Project 396-D)
                                                             April 11, 1993

Title: Concerning Future Allocations
Source: Rick McGowan & Joe Becker
Status: Recommended by X3L2 to the attention of WG2
Requested Action: Consideration at WG2 meeting #23, May 24-28, 1993

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