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Date: Sat Aug 17 1996 - 19:06:41 EDT

At 14:01 1996-08-17, David Goldsmith wrote:

(Someone said:)

>>Why should the Chinese, a powerful and capable people, depend on
>>foreigners to standardize a culturally important element of their language?
>Ummm, why does anyone think this is what happened? As has been pointed
>out several times in the past, Asian nationals were the primary
>participants in the IRG, which developed the unified Han repertoire.

As far as I know, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan are
still the main movers and shakers of the IRG.

>Unicode/ISO 10646 is the product of work by people from several different
>countries, and China participated (as did Japan, Korea, and Vietnam).
>If there is any evidence to the contrary, I'd like to hear it.
>David Goldsmith
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>Apple Computer, Inc.

Not as far as I know.

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