Re: Unicode-32 = Godot?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Tue Aug 20 1996 - 13:16:56 EDT


> Let's take the
> existing computers from the Unicode consorsium and see how many of them
> are using Unicode-16 now.

How many distortions and misconceptions can be packed into a single

1. The Unicode Consortium does not produce computers; it is a
     consortium which produces and promotes a character encoding standard.

2. Hardware is not the issue for implementation of the Unicode Standard;
     software is the issue.

3. It is a safe bet that all members of the Unicode Consortium are
     implementing the Unicode Standard in some software; it is a complete
     misconception to view that process as implying a complete abandonment
     of the past and a sudden universal rollout of Unicode in all their

4. "Unicode-16" is a distorting label. There is no such thing as
     "Unicode-32", and it is erroneous to contrast it with "Unicode-16".

> I already made a suggestion to the Unicode people to use the Internet as
> an open forum for future standard process.

There are standards (MIME, for example), which follow accepted procedures
involving discussion and review on the Internet. If you wish to influence
those standards, please use those procedures.

The Unicode Standard is developed following accepted procedures involving
the Unicode Technical Committee, which is also an open forum. It happens
not to involve posting of RFC's on the Internet. Perhaps that is less
convenient for you, but it is the accepted, consensus way that the
Consortium has developed the Unicode Standard.

> However, I did not get any reply from them yet. I don't know why.

You just did. The reason you didn't before is that people hesitate to
spend their time defusing the grenades you keep tossing into the

Ken Whistler
Technical Director, Unicode, Inc.

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