Re: Unicode-32 = Godot?

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Sun Aug 25 1996 - 09:21:03 EDT

>Please look at the Unicode draft by Joe Backer and Lee Collins, way back
>in October 1989 or earlier, you will know what I mean "mathematic

I am well familiar with these documents and the history of Unicode. The
question of how an 8 year old draft used to formulate an early version of
certain CJK issues is not relevant to the standard that exists today. The
facts are the standard as it exists today.

>Conference (October 1993), Mr. Edwin Smura, AFII Registra then, pointed
>out that Mr. Zhang Zhou-cai just created several new characters in front
>of the whole congregation.

That's interesting. Since Mr. Smura does not know Chinese characters at
all, I'm curious how he could point this out.

>I just learned from your letter that you can not tolerate any different
>opinion and suggestion.

If you knew me better, you would realize this is not true. What I cannot
tolerate are whiners who are devoid of useful information. I find you to
be in this category [at least pertaining to character coding -- perhaps you
can speak knowledgably in your own field of Chemical Engineering, but that
is besides the point].

>But, I wonder if you have the right to represent the majority of readers of
>this mailing list.

I believe I said "I think I can speak for ..."; If a majority of this list
actually agrees or sympathizes with you, then I'll offer a public apology.

>And my very last question: Do you own the whole mailing list and have
>the right to shot somebody up?

That's two questions. To the first: no; to the second: yes, as much as
anyone else.


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