Re: Unicode-32 = Godot?

From: Timothy Huang (
Date: Sun Aug 25 1996 - 06:41:14 EDT

Hello, Mr. Glenn Adams,

Please look at the Unicode draft by Joe Backer and Lee Collins, way back
in October 1989 or earlier, you will know what I mean "mathematic
union". It is a well known fact printed black on white. I think the
person who needs to check the fact is you. Actually, from what I know,
Unicode changed the character sequence after my book "Chinese Character
Codes" (April, 1990) pointing out this ridiculous unification. I am not
sure if you know or care about the histroy of Unicode.

I remember one thing I experienced in September 1990. I went to Beijing
for a character code meeting. During the meeting I pointed out the great
similarities of the coding structure between the GB and JIS. I almost
got myself in big trouble in the meeting. However, during the dinner
time, each one of the mainland China freinds came to say in private that
the GB 'referenced' the JIS. Ha. Well, in the Third World Font
Conference (October 1993), Mr. Edwin Smura, AFII Registra then, pointed
out that Mr. Zhang Zhou-cai just created several new characters in front
of the whole congregation. Of course, Mr. Zhang denied that. They had a
quite heated discussion. Well, some of the coding people will never
understand the differences between a character and a glyph. Mr. Zhang's
GB-lization is an excellent example.

I am not a member of the Chinese Character Analysis Group. The CCCII is
not my project at all. I never said and will never say that I am the
"right person", you did, Mr. Glenn Adams. In fact, I just want to have
an usable Chinese computer -- no matter what code it uses. Who cares?

I just learned from your letter that you can not tolerate any different
opinion and suggestion. Oh, well, next time, I won't cc the letter to
unicode@Unicode.ORG. As wether I represent significant interests in
Taiwan or not, let's also wait for the Taiwaness readers to say. But, I
wonder if you have the right to represent the majority of readers of
this mailing list. And my very last question: Do you own the whole
mailing list and have the right to shot somebody up?

Timothy Huang

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