Re: Unicode-32 = Godot?

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Mon Aug 26 1996 - 13:41:32 EDT

Timothy Huang said:

> For example, when the Unicode 1.0 draft was released, the character
> sequence was just mathematical union of four local standards.

and further:

> Please look at the Unicode draft by Joe Backer and Lee Collins, way back
> in October 1989 or earlier, you will know what I mean "mathematic
> union". It is a well known fact printed black on white. I think the

Just as a matter of record, I feel compelled to point out that anything which
could be called a "Unicode 1.0 draft" dates from December 1990. Any 1989
paper to which Mr. Huang refers would have been an early working paper or
pre-1.0-draft in limited circulation, not an official document of the Unicode
Consortium. Glenn Adams formulation is correct, viz:

> Unicode's arrangement of CJK Ideographs follows the radical + stroke order
> established by the KangXi ZiDian [...etcetera]


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