Content and Moderation

From: root
Date: Mon Aug 26 1996 - 13:34:18 EDT

Friends --

A few days ago one person made:

  "a request to the list owner to administratively unsubscribe persons
  who abuse this list and simply engage in indefensible non-technical,
  and non-marketing diatribes"

This is my reply.

Yes, I could do as suggested. After all, I'm root.

However, to unsubscribe certain people isn't enough to accomplish
anything, because ANYONE can post to this list, whether they're on it
or not. To really alleviate the problem, I'd have to exercise divine
right (i.e., invoke the C compiler) to prevent certain people from
posting to the list. Neither of these possible actions is consistent
with my position. I'm not a moderator, I just shuffle bits. Subscribers
are free to delete unwanted messages, or selectively filter unwanted
messages, or shout down the abusers, or unsubscribe. I see all four
responses utilized regularly.

Posters of questionable messages should be aware that not everyone will
choose to listen. Some may choose to vomit back. And if everyone
exercises their right to unsubscribe, the abusers might find themselves
speaking to an empty list. C'est la vie. I ask only that they pull
their own plugs when they check out.

        Your non-moderating all-seeing bit-shuffling servant,

                        -- Sarasvati

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