Re: UniHan CDROM database

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Tue Sep 10 1996 - 18:02:44 EDT

>Perusing the UniHan database in the "unix/mappings/eastasia/"
directory on
>CDROM from the Unicode 2.0 book, I noticed some 8-bit characters used
>of the fields. Is the mapping of these characters to Unicode
>somewhere and I just overlooked it or do they need a mapping table?
>With three exceptions (the kDefinition field of U+4F3D, U+57A9,
>appear to be accented Latin characters for kMandarin and kTang
>are 155 fields with these 8-bit characters.

It's standard MacRoman. Sorry. I should have changed it to Latin-1
when I dumped it.

(I don't know about the Tang offhand, but the Mandarin are probably a
lot of u-umlauts.)

John H. Jenkins

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