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From: Robert Ullmann/CAM/Lotus (Robert_Ullmann/CAM/
Date: Wed Sep 11 1996 - 13:04:03 EDT


I'd prefer to see the tag as ISO-10646-UTF-8. (I'm the one who registered the
ISO-10646-UTF-1 char set tag with IANA.) There is a fairly consistent pattern
of "ISO-nnnn-...." for a number of the registered tags, but also note that
there are a lot that don't follow the pattern, and a lot of aliases.

The real-time/Internet Version 7 project ( uses
ISO-10646-UTF-8 consistently in all text fields in all protocol layers; I had
assumed the tag was already registered. (from some prior comment in this or a
related forum; I should have checked of course :-)

This tag does not (and IMHO should not) specify the version of the repertoire
used; as was pointed out in a prior note, if you run into a codepoint you don't
know, having previously seen a higher version number doesn't help you. (You
don't want to quit/fail on a version higher than you know, because the odds are
extremely high that you won't see unknown code points anyway! In a large number
of cases you aren't even going to see codes > 128.)

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