Unicode Web pages & software demos

From: Edward Cherlin (cherlin@snowcrest.net)
Date: Sat Sep 28 1996 - 04:16:01 EDT

The question was raised some time ago about creating some interesting
Unicode text pages in various scripts. Here is part of the answer.

Accent Software offers 30-day free trials of its various Internet software
for Windows 95 and Windows NT, including Accent Multilingual Mosaic
(browser), Accent Multilingual Publisher (Web page composition), Accent
Multilingual Mail, and Navigate with an Accent (Netscape Navigator
Plug-in), all of which support Unicode in addition to various fragmented
character encodings. Accent's home page, http://www.accentsoft.com, has
links to several pages in Unicode (charset=Unicode-1-1-UTF-8) with samples
of Arabic, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, and Japanese texts, along with various
Latin-alphabet languages.

Apple (http://www.apple.com) offers free copies of its Cyberdog operating
system extension and Internet software to all Macintosh users. Some Unicode
support is included, but fonts for multiple writing systems must be
purchased separately.

I will try out Accent's mail software in this list next week.

There are of course other Unicode-capable Web browsers and mail programs,
which I will report on later.

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