Mac Only: Type for plain Unicode text?

From: Ronald S. Wood (
Date: Sun Sep 29 1996 - 20:24:33 EDT


I have a program that can output plain Unicode text. Is there an official
type signature for such Macintosh files, as there is 'TEXT' for plain
text? Perhaps 'UTXT'? I want to be able to save my own files in this
format, though theoretically they could also be exchanged with Windows
NT, for instance.

As far as I know the only difference between outputting plain Unicode and
MacRoman text is the need to include the 0xFFEF word at the very
beginning to indicate the endian-ness of the Unicode. Is this the right
character, and do I need to consider anything else? 0x0000 is still
end-of-file, isn't it?

-Ronald S. Wood.

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