Re: Unicode-capable compression software

Date: Fri Oct 21 1994 - 05:50:29 EDT

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I wrote:

| Does anyone know of a supplier with Unicode-capable compression software?

John Bennett replied:

| What type of compression are you looking for? Most file compressers should
| just work on Unicode files (though they may not save as much as a Unicode
| specific compressor). If you want a compression subroutine, the source code
| for a quick simple compressor is in the procedings of a UIW (I don't
| remember which). You can also ask me about it, since it was my paper. The
| paper also talks about other compressions, but I don't know of anyone
| implementing them. In fact the only implementation of a Unicode specific
| compression that I know about is in the (now defunct) PenPoint OS, which
| uses the code given in the paper.

I had assumed that traditional compression algorithms looked for repeats
on an 8-bit basis and, hence, would fail to compress Unicode. Is this
assumption correct/incorrect?

John - Please do send me your paper.

Many thanks.

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