Re: Unicode-capable compression software

From: John R. Bennett (
Date: Fri Oct 21 1994 - 13:49:14 EDT

On Oct 21, 3:51am, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
> Subject: Re: Unicode-capable compression software
> From: NAME: Misha Wolf
> I had assumed that traditional compression algorithms looked for repeats
> on an 8-bit basis and, hence, would fail to compress Unicode. Is this
> assumption correct/incorrect?
> John - Please do send me your paper.
> Many thanks.
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The compressions do work on an 8-bit basis, but looking at Unicode text as a
sequence of bytes will still find a lot of pattern. It just doesn't do as
good a job as it would if it dealt with 16-bit chunks.

I am sorry I can't send you my paper, since I no longer have a copy. I left it
at my last job (where I wrote it). If you contanct Steve Greenfield at the
Unicode office ((408) 777-5870 or he can get you
of the procedings for the UIWs.

        John Bennett

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