Unicode vs Chinese coding standards

Date: Sat Mar 25 1995 - 15:39:33 EST

To experts:

I posted my first few questions about Unicode vs ISO 10646-1 and got very
satisfactory answers. My thanks goes to Gary, Tom, and Heinz.

Now I have some further questions about Unicode vs Chinese standards.
Again please accept my thanks in advance for any answers for my questions.

1. Unicode is carefully designed to be consistant as much as possible
   with the currently existing coding standards. How consistant is it
   with the mainland Chinese character coding standard GB 2312. Is it
   possible to convert between the two standards by simply adding or
   substracting an offset. Or does the conversion has to be done by looking
   up a conversion table?

   If the oddering of the characters in GB 2312 has been changed in Unicode,
   how many has been changed?

2. Is the Chinese character coding in Unicode mainly based on GB 2312 or
   any other Chinese character standards in Taiwan or Hongkong, etc?

3. What are the Chinese character coding standards in other Chinese character
   using regions in Asia (like Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore) ? How
   consistant is Unicode with these standards so far as Chinese characters
   are concerned. Can the conversion between Unicode and these codes be done


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