Questions about taking part in the forum

Date: Mon Mar 27 1995 - 20:48:13 EST

Hi, Everyone:

I posted my second group of questions about Unicode and got answers from
Tom Fruchterman, Bob Sandstrom and Eric M. Olafson. Thank them a lot.

I got the Unicode forum account from Steve from California and have
benefitted a lot from it. But So many people spent so much time in
answering my questions, I really feel I owe a lot to them. Actually
I am not so clear about this forum, should I register to take part in
it? What is the general rule to ask questions in this forum? As
Eric pointed out, I should post the answers as well? I would certainly
be very willing to do what I should. And I realy want to know the formal
rules in this forum.


Steven Kang

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