Re: Announcing Everson Mono 10646

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Wed Jun 07 1995 - 05:00:31 EDT

In passing the absense of 3/4 of Unicode in the Mono 10646 font should
be noted: no mention of Han or Hangul, not even in the list of
partially, or not yet done blocks.

Just to point out further there are other fonts that do a respectable
job of partial coverage of Unicode: the LS_10646.TTf font that ships
with Windows NT as a freebie covers practically all the sections
Everson lists as (*) and a lot of the ones that he labels (-). And it
is a single font to boot, and for Unicode software, no need to mess
with mapping tables or offsets.

The Lucida Console fonts have are a more restricted font, still with
several hundred characters, and monospaced as well.

One hopes that Everson can make good progress on those scripts that are
not well covered by existing partial fonts, among his (-) listings were
some usually under-served scripts, for which his font may well be the
best source for any font for a while -- once these sections are done,
that is.

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