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 F.Y.I. Only: Managing Intl. Docs Class

The following description will be of interest:

Managing International Documentation Projects
September 18 - 19, 1995
Monday - Tuesday
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Seattle, Washington

Learn to:
      Identify the key elements of a successful strategy
           for international projects
      Evaluate your current publishing tools for
            international projects
      Determine whether printed or online
             documentation is most appropriate
      Create a core product (internationalization)
             to eliminate cultural bias
      Customize your documentation (localization)
      Review and test customized documentation

Why You Should Attend

International documentation projects require significantly more
coordination and planning than projects for a domestic audience. There are
new players, new processes, new tools, new budget and scheduling demands
and international legal requirements, all of which are critical to the
success of the product.

In this two-day continuing education course, you will learn how to develop
a strategy for international documentation projects that puts control in
your lap. You will review the elements of a successful strategy through
lectures, case studies, dozens of practical tips, relevant articles and
discussions with other technical communicators.

The registration fee includes a copy of the text, International Technical
Communication: How to Export Information About High Technology, course
notes developed by the instructor, refreshment breaks, one lunch and a
certificate of completion granting 1.2 CEUs (Continuing Education Units)

Class size is limited to encourage access to the instructor. An informal
atmosphere promotes discussion amoung technical communication professionals
working with international documentation projects.

Topics Outline

The impact of "going international" on the documentation department.

The importance of developing a strategy.

The steps in developing a thorough and effective strategy.

The budget

The schedule

The future

The elements of an effective strategy:
                Management support: metrics and lots of data
                The project team
                Information about the target market, target users
                legal requirements and international standards
                The medium for the information: printed or online
                The core product: internationalization
                The target variant: localization
                The publishing tools
                Quality assurance: review, test, validate


Nancy Hoft, President of International Technical Communication Services,
consults with companies on how to internationalize and localize their
technical communication products. Nancy has a degree in English from the
University of Connecticut and has attended the Masters Program in Technical
Communication at Northeastern University in Boston. As a technical
communicator for over a decade, Nancy provides both small and large
organizations with solutions to technical communication problems. Ms. Hoft
is active with the Society for Technical Communication (STC) and in 1991
conceived and managed the first seminar on International Technical
Communication sponsored by the STC's Puget Sound Chapter. Nancy is a Novell
Certified NetWare Engineer.

For information on this offering, contact Susan G. Stone at (206) 543 5539
or Fax (206) 543 2352.

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