Re: Comparison algorithms in UNICODE

From: Patrik Faltstrom (
Date: Sat Aug 12 1995 - 16:18:50 EDT

At 13.09 95-08-12, Daniel R. Kegel wrote:
>This list, along with the newsgroup,
>is a good place for this.
>I'm glad to see whois++ people endorsing Unicode. There was resistance
>to the idea back during the early whois++ discussions several
>years ago.

Thank's. The current idea is to use ISO-8859-1 and FSS-UTF, especially
in the common indexing protocol which is supposed to be used
in the communication even between Whois++ servers and other servers,
such as LDAP ones.

There is a special working group started (within IETF)
which is supposed to take care of the development
of the common indexing protocol, and I am the chair...
I will in the unicode mailing list inform about the
existance of the group when it is started. I want to
have more UNICODE knowledge but me when discussing character
set things.


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