Re: Comparison algorithms in UNICODE

From: Daniel R. Kegel (
Date: Sat Aug 12 1995 - 16:09:07 EDT

> Within the development of the distributed directory service
> software DIGGER which uses Whois++ technology we will now
> start the development of public domain software libraries
> written in C which takes care of fundamental string functions
> Also, I suppose that this is the right forum to discuss eventual
> implementational issues of UNICODE software? Or does it exist another
> mailinglist for that?
> Regards, Patrik F=E4ltstr=F6m
> Bunyip Information Systems Inc
> Montreal, CANADA

This list, along with the newsgroup,
is a good place for this.

I'm glad to see whois++ people endorsing Unicode. There was resistance
to the idea back during the early whois++ discussions several
years ago.
- Dan

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