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This buttresses nicely the need, expressed before on this list, for
designing a set of Language and Country IDs for use with Unicode.

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I'm having trouble understanding ISO's policy regarding copyrights, and
hoping that someone will be able to give me some pointers. Here's the

I'm designing a new data feed that my company intends to broadcast to
clients. I would like to use ISO currency and country codes in the
I would also like to doucment the codes in the customer documentation.
I've asked ISO if it is ok to include their codes in our documentation
been shunted to a lawyer who told me that they could not make a
until they've seen my documents. The lawyer was unable to give me any
guidence as to what was and was not acceptable to them. I don't want to
a document, have it approved by my boss (this is a lot of work), and be
rejected by ISO.

Does anyone know what ISO will allow? Will our customers need to buy
specs from ISO? Are there other international standards for currencies
and countries that do not have such restrictive copyrights and who's
can answer questions?

Any help will be appreciated.

I am not on the unicode mailing list, please respond directly. Thanks.

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