Mac OS 8 and Unicode

From: Adrian Havill (
Date: Thu Oct 24 1996 - 20:27:57 EDT

I picked up a copy of "Mac OS 8" at a bookstore the other day and looked
in the index for "Unicode." One page. I looked at that page, and the
book spent three paragraphs talking about the localization of Mac OS
as well as the ease of cross development. The word Unicode is mentioned

While I'm sure Apple is dedicated to Unicode, the Java 1.0.2 intros
had a lot more to say about the subject, even when support for
characters above Latin-1 wasn't in place yet!

I realize that "Mac OS 8 Revealed" is not a white paper or a spec, but
surely Unicode deserves more than one word if Mac OS 8 is going to
support it like it claims it will. Are the filenames in Unicode? Do the
APIs accept 16-bit chars? How will conversion to older locale character
sets be handled?

Just curious if anyone knew anything more about exactly how OS 8 will
support Unicode.

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