RE: 1)National sorting rules; 2) UTF in Netscape

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Date: Thu Nov 07 1996 - 10:45:00 EST

Hi Ilya,

I am sure you saw the answers about Unicode support in Netscape by Misha
Wolf and the pointer to the "locale" definitions on dkuug from Keld

On culturally correct sorting you might want to look into a SC22/WG20
work item on international string ordering. Alain LaBonte in Canada is
the editor, the project is presently in an early committee draft state.
 We do believe though that it is technically sound and hope that it will
go throught the ISO approval process smoothly. The standard will be
ISO/IEC 14651, the current draft can be found on Be careful, the
stuff is about 200k.

Another source for sort information is the web site of Michael Everson,
try and select from the index the
proposed sorting order of the mandatory or the extended European subset
of 10646.

If everything else fails, I can either send you a Word 6.0 document
attached to e-mail or a paper copy of the 14651 standard. Please let me
know how much success you have.


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Subject: 1)National sorting rules; 2) UTF in Netscape

My name is Ilya Gavrishin, I am working for Library for Foreign
Moscow, Russia. I have several questions.
1. Does Netscape support Unicode? I'm running Netscape Navigator v3.0
under Win'95. There is an option Unicode(UTF8) in 'Options/Document
 menu, but it's never active and I can't activate it. Have I missed
2. I desperately need any information about sorting rules for all
languages, Turkish and Greek with notes about primary and secondary
(sort weights of above and below diacritic marks) and multiple mappings
I would be most grateful for an early response.
Help me, pleeeeeeease!
Thank you, Ilya.

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