1)National sorting rules; 2) UTF in Netscape

From: ILYA S. GAVRISHIN (IL_GAVR@mba.libfl.msk.ru)
Date: Mon Nov 04 1996 - 07:11:48 EST

My name is Ilya Gavrishin, I am working for Library for Foreign Literature,
Moscow, Russia. I have several questions.
1. Does Netscape support Unicode? I'm running Netscape Navigator v3.0 Gold
under Win'95. There is an option Unicode(UTF8) in 'Options/Document encoding'
 menu, but it's never active and I can't activate it. Have I missed something?
2. I desperately need any information about sorting rules for all european
languages, Turkish and Greek with notes about primary and secondary differences
(sort weights of above and below diacritic marks) and multiple mappings issues.
I would be most grateful for an early response.
Help me, pleeeeeeease!
Thank you, Ilya.

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