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From: Walter Ian Kaye (
Date: Sat Nov 30 1996 - 22:41:37 EST

At 11:24a -0800 11/30/96, David Perrell wrote:
>Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>> And you can find about 50 of 'em listed in a <table> at:
>> <>.
>This is the most legible table I've seen. But only three non-Latin1


>entity names. And Ydieresis is marked as unavailable on the Windows
>platform -- invalid typographers might find this confusing.

::checking local copy of "ie/author/html30/char_set.htm" whose source I
  saved to disk before MS removed that naughty page::

Well whaddaya know... guess I really *need* to update that table (I didn't
realize that the MS page showed more characters than the other Windows
charset tables I had as references -- they must've sneaked a few new ones
in!). I've been planning to make a charset cross-reference table too;
I have one (Mac+Win+cp437) in an Excel spreadsheet, but not yet as HTML.
Gonna do an ASCII/EBCDIC cross-reference also, if I can figure out whether
the EBCDIC chart reads left to right or top to bottom... :)

>I haven't found any reference that equates entity names with Unicode
>(except for Latin1).

That's why I don't have many entity names in that section -- just dunno
what to put. When an industry-wide consensus appears, along with browser
support, then I'll include whatever entity names have been agreed upon...

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