Single vendor multiplatform unicode apis

From: Gerard Cattin (
Date: Tue Dec 03 1996 - 12:14:00 EST

     Dear Sirs:
     After attending the last Unicode conference in San Jose, I got
     the clear message that using the same vendor Unicode conversion
     apis is a necessity to guarantee safe round trip conversions.
     Well, I've look everywhere I could think, even took two days
     vacation and went to Comdex, with no luck, trying to locate the
        1. Unicode conversion apis (to/from) for
           DOS, os/2, win31, win95, winNT, NetWare 3.x NLMs, NetWare
           4.x NLMs. This part at a minimum.
        2. String manipulation APIs for Unicode data such as the _tcs*
           from Microsoft or the uni* from Novell, but servicing all
           the above plaftforms. I am hoping to use an off-the-shelf
           solution that also includes the strcoll family of apis.
     I work on the internationalization of a win95 or winNT management
     console which manages dos, mac, win31, os/2, win95, winNT clients
     with or without NetWare clients installed. I haven't been able to
     implement a Unicode solution into the management scheme for lack
     Unicode support in some of those clients and for lack of
     one-vendor solution.
     I would appreciate some pointers. You can respond to me directly
     ( if you want to ease the load on
     the list messages.

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