Re: Dates in Thai encoding standards

From: Ibrahim Meru/Toronto/IBM (meru@VNET.IBM.COM)
Date: Wed Dec 04 1996 - 10:03:39 EST

Thank you, John, for pointing out that the Thai standards numbers relates to
the year numbering system in Thailand.

For information, let me add the following:

Thailand uses the Buddhist Era calendar which is based on the recognized
birthdate of the Buddha. Thailand's calendar counts its years from 1 January
543 BC, so 2529 = 1986 and 2533 = 1990 (unless I royally mucked up in my math!).

....Ibrahim Meru.
National Language Technical Centre,
IBM Canada Laboratory,
Toronto, Canada.

John Clews said:

>It's worth pointing out that the numbering following TIS 620 relates to
>year numbering systems used in Thailand much like revisions of ISO
>standards take dates five years apart following ISO directives.
>John Clews
>>In message <9612032243.AA02072@Unicode.ORG> unicode@Unicode.ORG writes:
>> Geoffrey Waigh wrote, [Re: Thai encoding standards:]
>> >Hello, the Unicode standard had it's Thai assignment based on TIS 620-2529
>> >which I was about to order from our standards body. Alas, it was
>> >withdrawn in 1990 and has been replaced with TIS 620-2533. Can anyone
>> >tell me how significant the differences are and if possible what they are?
>> >If there are any significant changes, does someone know how well deployed
>> >these two standards are?
>> >
>> >Thank-you,
>> >
>> >Geoffrey Waigh
>> >
>> Geoffrey, here is some information which may help you:
>> TIS620-2533 is the revised TIS620-2529. There's no significant difference
>> between the two. TIS620-2529 has been withdrawn and replaced by TIS620-
>> 2533. Only minor details and clarifications are put into the 2533 version.
>> As far as Thai codepoints are concerned, they are identical.
>> Hope this helps.
>> Ibrahim Meru
>> IBM National Language Technical Centre,
>> IBM Canada Laboratory,
>> Toronto, Canada.
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