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Date: Wed Dec 04 1996 - 12:21:49 EST

Further to my previous questions, I'm now even more confused about
ASMO 708. I've read in a couple of places that it is a variant of
8859-6. However, the book Developing International Software for
Windows 95 has a "708 MS-DOS Arabic ASMO" codeset whose upper half
is very different from that of 8859-6 (except for the Arabic alphabetic
characters which are in the same positions).

In addition to the earlier questions, can anyone shed some light on that?

> c) Is ASMO 708 identical to ISO 8859-6? I've read that it is, but
> my codepage layouts indicate one difference:
> 0xa4 ASMO 708 has the pound-sterling at this point,
> 8859-6 has the dollar sign.

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