Unicode tables in Mac Nav 3.01

From: Adrian Havill (havill@threeweb.ad.jp)
Date: Tue Dec 17 1996 - 06:33:28 EST

We develop Japanese language Java applications and applets.

Until recently, Nav didn't support Unicode. It does (we're testing on
the Japanese versions of Nav), but the results are unpredictable:

For example:

O circumflex (Unicode character 00F4) maps to garbage on the Mac version
when used in a java.awt.List. It maps correctly, though, on the other
Nav versions (esp. Windows platforms... I suspect because they natively
use Latin-1).

Typing into a java.awt.TextField is worse. Enter "NIHONGO" (with the
Apple Kotaeri Japanese FEP) into a TextField and you get "NIGOGO"
(Shift-JIS sequence 93FA 967B 8CEA maps to Unicode 65E5 7D21 8A9E
instead of the correct 65E5 672C 8A9E) If elementary Kanji like "Hon"
doesn't map, how can I rely on their implementation? Or is this
happening only to Macs which are trilingual? (Simplified Chinese, Trad.
Chinese, Japanese)

A Mac loaded with multiple Language Kits (Chinese, Japanese, etc) will
mix and match Han character fonts at whim. (Imagine seeing the word
"international" in Helvetica, except every third letter is in Courier)

Is anyone else attempting to work with this? I realize 1.1 has full
international support, but we won't be seeing versions of that in
browsers for a while, so we're trying to work with the partial Unicode
support in Netscape's version of 1.0.2. Is it broken? Their docs say
they map from Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional),
and Latin-2 to Unicode. How reliable are their tables?

Excuse the posting to this list, but relatively few people use multiple
han based languages on one machine, so I thought this list would have
the best chance of reaching a person with a multi-lingual Mac

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