Should I laugh or cry?

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Tue Dec 17 1996 - 15:53:53 EST

Lazaros TOSSOUNIDIS wrote:
>My answer:
>"There isn't obviously such a thing as "Brussels' software " except perhaps for people ingoring either what sofware is or what Brussels is or
> - the most probable- what both are.
> What is meant here indeed is THE INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE, mainly produced in the USA by well known > vendors and actors in the computing buiseness and which thought for many years that the only existing language in the world was English/US Ascii/Ansi. O!
> fficials in the EC have been striving and struggling
> for the last 7 years to change this state of affairs and in many regards they have succeded. So, I understand, that this >message is rather addressed to the
> - american - vendors of software (and hardware ?) than to the "European Commissioners". !

So now we know - the reason the Europeans do not use Europeanised software
is because the Americans won't make it for them. What is the incentive for the
Americans to do this if even EC officials accept the current releases?

I admire self reliance.


Jonathan Rosenne

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