RE: Should I laugh or cry?

From: Murray Sargent (
Date: Tue Dec 17 1996 - 16:03:44 EST

This isn't a place for advertising, but since this email literally cries
out for a response, please note that Microsoft Office 97 (available in
January, 1997) is based on Unicode. In particular, Microsoft Word 97
easily handles mixtures of all East and West European languages: French,
German, Greek, Russian, etc. Enjoy.

Any other vendors that have panEuropean Unicode support, please feel
free to brag about it!


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>Misha wrote to
>> "I've just received this from a colleague ...Misha
>The referred to message is:
>>fyi - it's a shame Brussels' software evidently does not support
>>Unicode. I don't know if you have heard, but a European Commissioner is
>>going to sit at a terminal today(?) to answer questions on line via the
>>Internet. Questions can be in any language except Greek because "the
>>Internet software can not support it".
>>Phil "
>My answer:
> "There isn't obviously such a thing as "Brussels' software " except perhaps
>for people ingoring either what sofware is or what Brussels is or
> - the most probable- what both are.
> What is meant here indeed is THE INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE, mainly produced
>in the USA by well known vendors and actors in the computing buiseness and
>which thought for many years that the only existing language in the world
>was English/US Ascii/Ansi. Officials in the EC have been striving and
> for the last 7 years to change this state of affairs and in many regards
>they have succeded. So, I understand, that this message is rather addressed
>to the
> - american - vendors of software (and hardware ?) than to the "European
>Commissioners". !
> Regards
> EC - Informatics Directorate
> Luxembourg

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