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From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Wed Dec 18 1996 - 17:17:03 EST

    Glenn> I couldn't agree with you more. I'm deeply mired in attempting to
    Glenn> build a cross-platform product (win,mac,8 unix flavors, qnx, os/9,
    Glenn> psos,...) written primarily in C and consistently use UCS-2
    Glenn> character data throughout. The most significant problems I face
    Glenn> are:

    Glenn> 1. lack of compiler support for wchar_t (and wide string literals in
    Glenn> particular); or if a compiler supports wchar_t, then lack of control
    Glenn> over whether 16-bits or 32-bits are used.

    Glenn> 2. lack of standard runtime support for wchar_t signatures; i.e.,
    Glenn> there needs to be a standard set of wcs entry points for string.h,
    Glenn> ctype.h, stdlib.h, stdio.h, etc.

Lots of suffering to be had doing cross-platform multilingual stuff.
Inconsistencies across platforms is one of the major reasons we avoid
depending on compilers/OS/Windowing system on any platform (as far as

The ideal situation would have Unicode support at the OS level, but given what
I've seen so far, cross-platform multilingual development will be a
complicated mess for quite some time to come. Current vendor-provided Unicode
support varies widely in quality and coverage, not to mention being mutually

It will probably take some sort of singular event for vendors to agree on a
common Unicode API. Anything that affects hotly contested market share does.

    Martin> Gets easier with overloading in C++. For some cases, i.e. ctype.h,
    Martin> the problem is that the semantics have to be extended (and agreed
    Martin> upon) before getting the libraries.

Java is getting better too. But we need this stuff yesterday, if not sooner!
And for less than the cost of a Boeing 747!
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