Re: Should I laugh or cry?

From: Yung-Fong Tang (
Date: Wed Dec 18 1996 - 19:29:38 EST

> Mark,
> You are correct in saying that secondary apps need to be in Unicode. But as a
> developer of such secondary apps on Win95/WinNT, I find it frustrating that the
> sdk forces you to go to either MBCS or UNICODE at compile time. That means you
> need two exes to support each platform completely and lose Microsoft Windows
> logo(requires one exe for both platforms), or use MBCS on both and Unicode is
> out the door, which is the solution I had to implement for the Intel LANDesk
> management products. But then, I am back to square one, codepage encoded data.

One way to hack this thing is to manage the Unicode and multibyte by
So when you want to draw a unicode string you use TextOutW and when you
want to
draw a multibyte string you call TextOutA. Yes, this is really hacky,
but just
want to know this work around.

BTW, there are many Unicode API in Window95 only return error to you.
(But they do return the error code according to the Win32 APIs)
For example SendMessageW will only return FALSE to you in Window 95.

Look at Netscape 3.0 and
to see the result.
It is not perfect and we know the TextOutW have problem with underline,
at least you can do something if you insiste you need Unicode TODAY.


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