Syriac Draft Proposal Status

From: Hasso, Sargon (
Date: Thu Dec 19 1996 - 14:13:31 EST

Back in 1993, I along with a couple of my colleagues submitted a proposal of Syriac Script to be considered for inclusion in the Unicode Standards. This was sent to Mr. Rick McGowan's attention.

We still have not heard the status of what became of this draft proposal, keeping in mind the following facts:
1) Unicode deems this script as archaic (in one of your Web pages), and
2) Gamma Productions, Inc. claims that they support Syriac unicode encoding!
The question is: if Unicode has not approved Syriac encoding proposal, where is Gamma getting their codes from?

Nevertheless, we would like to ammend the earlier draft that we submitted. In the mean time, we would like some directions as where to go from here?

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