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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Fri Dec 20 1996 - 06:04:53 EST

At 13:20 1996-12-19, unicode@Unicode.ORG wrote:
>Back in 1993, I along with a couple of my colleagues submitted a proposal
>of Syriac Script to be considered for inclusion in the Unicode Standards.
>This was sent to Mr. Rick McGowan's attention.

There is a Syriac proposal in UTR#3. Is this related to your proposal?

>We still have not heard the status of what became of this draft proposal,
>keeping in mind the following facts:
>1) Unicode deems this script as archaic (in one of your Web pages), and

The UTR#3 notes that it "is still in modern use". What is Syriac's
situation? The UTR#3 unifies Estrangela, Nestorian, and Jacobite/Serta
under Syriac, and queries whether Mandaic should be unified along with

>2) Gamma Productions, Inc. claims that they support Syriac unicode encoding!
>The question is: if Unicode has not approved Syriac encoding proposal,
>where is Gamma getting their codes from?

I would guess (only my guess) that they are using Arabic script drivers and
Syriac fonts.

>Nevertheless, we would like to ammend the earlier draft that we submitted.
>In the mean time, we would like some directions as where to go from here?

Please make sure I (a member of WG2, the ISO side of this venture) get a
copy of your new proposal, please.

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