From: Mark Davis (mark_davis@taligent.com)
Date: Fri Dec 20 1996 - 16:09:35 EST

Jonathan Rosenne wrote:
> The ISO language code for Hebrew is iw. This is an unreasonable choice, and
> many people use he or hb instead. I think Microsoft also supports he.
> We discussed this issue once at the SII, and concluded that it was not worth
> the efffort to ask ISO to change it. I am not sure about that.
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No users should need to know what some internal code is, whether number
or cryptic two-letter code. That is, any good user interface should
present a meaningful name such as "Hebrew" or "English" no matter what
is used internally. This is the approach with the Macintosh and Windows.
Even though UNIX is closer to the metal, I'd strongly recommend it there
as well. If they are safely kept internal, it doesn't matter much what
the letters are out of the 26x26 possibilities: aa, ab, ac, ad, ... zx,
zy, zz.


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