Re: Devanagari [was Re: Any web-published rebuttals to criticism?]

From: Joshua Y Arai (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 06:15:03 EST

Desite specific pros and cons of Unicode, I would like to point out
that there are not only oppositions but also people who strive hard
promoting and defending Unicode in Japan and other Han character
communities. But those who favor are suffering, not from oppositions,
but from lack of cordinations.

 Those who oppose to Unicode have been good at speaking aloud so far,
I must admit, whereas those who favor have not been speaking loudly yet.
 What I observe is that it is hightime for us to move the Unicode
Consortium and its board to speak as loudly and broadly as the
 Providing multi-lingual pages on the server is an idea
which sounds very viable, as well as feasible. Authoring a FAQ and
tutorial materials on the standard should also be an option to take
very easily. Currently, the Unicode Stadard depends too much upon the
voluntary efforts of those who favor the standard in terms of its
promotion and defense. For example, Tatsuo Kobayashi, who represents
Justsystem and also is a board member of the Unicode Consortium, have
tried to address some incorrect and unwarrented assertions against
Unicode. Thanks to his effort, the Miinstry of Culture of Japan today
recognizes most of cons were based upon incorrect observations and
misunderstandings. But his voice is just a scale of one person. Allies
are needed. Cordinated effort to promote and address disputed issues
are needed. When I say allies, I mean not only those within the Han
communities but also those from non-Han communities. And again, the
Unicode Consortium is the body which should act first, if not yet, to
cordinate such an effort. Board members, do you hear me?

Joshua Arai

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