Re: Devanagari [was Re: Any web-published rebuttals to criticism?]

From: Glenn Adams (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 06:53:20 EST

I used to spend an inordinate amount of time rebutting such criticisms.
Eventually, I decided that the criticisms basically did not matter, primarly
because the software industry has essentially adopted Unicode at this
point and is moving forward with it. Just to list a few significant mediums,
languages, OSs and technologies based on Unicode: HTML, XML (new lightweight SGML),
JAVA, DYLAN, Windows NT, OLE2, NextStep 4.0, etc. This list is growing on
a daily basis. Why slow down to answer pointless questions about why something
was done this way vs. that way? The cornerstone is set; let's try to cross the bridge
at least once before we burn it down.

So, I've basically decided to spend my time actually incorporating Unicode
into products rather than talking about doing so or arguing with people who've
already decided they don't like it.

I do readily admit the Unicode web site needs a lot more work to be generally
useful. The Unicode Consortium is basically a volunteer organization without
any technical or editorial resources other than time volunteered by its members.
If you or others would like to step up to the plate, I'm sure it would be
greeted with universal support.

Glenn Adams

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