Roadmap for the future allocation of UCS characters w/r to ordering

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Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 10:12:22 EST

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>A series of real-size roadmaps to the current BMP, and to scripts planned
>for encoding in the BMP and in Plane 1 of 10646, as well as an associated
>UTC document (HTML'd by me) on allocation may be found at

I don't know if this was considered but for Han, it would be nice for the
future development of the ordering standard ISO/IEC 14651 that big chunks of
free space be reserved to insert new characters arranged per radical and
strokecount... so far the BMP has all the characters ordered so it is easy
but for others we'll have to make insertions in our ordering tables eventually.

To ease that insertion, it would be nice if characters would not be
allocated randomly but rather in disjoined big chunks (in which, for each of
them, characters would be very much related though) that are ordered and
that each go in bewteen two characters already allocated in the BMP. In this
way the insertions could be made by using ellipses (descriptions of ranges
of characters) rather that having to make a truckload of individual manual
insertions in the ordering standard. I wish I express it to be understood,
it is not easy.

Just a concern like this. But I am sure all the Asians thought about it, I
don't know why I am expressing this, it seems obvious. Sorry if I annoyed
you with this.

Have all a happy and healthy year 1997.

Alain LaBonti
(Editor, ISO/IEC 14651 Ordering Standard)

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