Re: Any web-published rebuttals to criticism?

From: Tatsuo L. Kobayashi (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 09:30:30 EST

Mr. Sakamura has been taking opposite side of Unicode for these 4 or 5
years. I know this, of course. And his voice on net is very loud.
In Japan, some demagogue like Mr.Jun Etoh, very famous critic of literature,
are crying about some kind of culture crisis after Mr. Sakamura.
I am afraid that novis people will be misled by them.
So we must do something. But to have dispute with them is not creative and
tiresome. What shall we do about this?
At 20:33 97/01/08 -0800, you wrote:
> I came across the following document on the web, which contains a rather
> detailed critcism of ISO 10646 and Unicode:
> <>
> I disagree with many of the things he says, for example, he seems
> confused in that he thinks that a "traditional" han character or a
> "japanese-simplified" han character will be transformed... confusing
> font "axis" with the "shape" axis. (very well presented in the Unicode
> Standard Manual, I thought)
> He also complains about the loss of language information one paragraph
> after he somehow "identifies" certain han characters (8FC0, etc) as
> being Japanese or Chinese.
> There are other sections about how certain countries cannot benefit from
> the performance of having a fixed width character set (they have to use
> two or more code points to realize one glyph) where he seems to have a
> point.
> Is there a list of "rebuttals," clairifications/acknowledgement of
> weaknesses, or a FAQ pertaining to the most common misunderstandings
> about Unicode on the web?
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